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Sinematic Robbie Robertson On The Band, Scorcese, The Irishman, Ocasek, Woodstock And More

We recently spoke with Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Famer Robbie Robertson from The Band, about his current album Sinematic, his lengthy career composing scores for longtime friend Martin Scorcese, including The Irishman, which has received numerous award nominations, Robbie’s recent memoir Testimony which has now been turned into an incredible documentary called Once Were Brothers, and some really cool remembrances of the guys in The Band, including his recollection of their set at the original Woodstock, which will be released soon actually. He tells us about time spent with Ric Ocasek back when Ric was still living in Boston and also, the story behind Shangri La, the studio that he built for The Band back in the day in Malibu, and now owned by Rick Rubin. What an honor to speak with Robbie Robertson on the Out Of The Box Uncensored podcast.

Lenny Kravitz Raises Vibes, Talks Prince, Mick Or Keith, And Jimmy, Jeff Or Eric

We sat down with Lenny Kravitz to talk about his latest album Raise Vibration. How he came to create the songs on the album, one of which may or not have Michael Jackson on it (listen to find out). He spoke about how he worked in the past with MJ, and also how his experience meeting and living with Johnny Cash right after his mother died, influenced a song on this album. Lenny also spoke about the difference between the creative rush of making music, opposed to the rush of being in films such as The Hunger Games, The Butler, Precious among others. He reflected on that infamous 2017 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony where he did a tribute to Prince, as well as stories about the recordings he had done with Prince before he passed, and the many times Prince joined him onstage over the years to jam. Really cool stories about Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Chris Cornell and more. So here’s Lenny Kravitz on the Out Of The Box Uncensored podcast.

Spoon Talks Donald Duck, NYC, Greatest Hits And More

We sat down with Britt and Alex of Spoon recently to talk about their recent compilation Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon. Great stories about being on tour this past summer with Beck and Cage The Elephant, a really incredible story from Britt about sitting in on a reading of The Simpsons with the entire cast. We also spoke about how many of the band’s songs have been used in TV shows. Britt tells the story about how a current presidential candidate performed one of their songs recently, and where Britt played his first gig in NYC at club that no longer exists in the East Village, and, how Donald Duck inspired their sold out show at Radio City Music Hall. So it’s Spoon here on the Out Of The Box Uncensored podcast.

the XX Deputized Mark Ronson AsTemporary Roadie

Romy, Oliver and Jamie from the XX joined us in the studio to talk about the 10th anniversary of their debut self-titled album, the huge impact that album had, and, how it changed all of their lives. They spoke fondly of their first time in NYC, and their first gig in NYC, that happened to involve a deputized roadie by the name of Mark Ronson. Romy spoke about how she loves being a presenter on her radio show on the BBC. And they spoke about what new, and old bands they are listening to now, and where they are in the recording of new music. So here’s the XX on the Out Of The Box Uncensored podcast.

Cranberries Dolores And Noel Reminisce Together

Before Dolores O’Riordan’s untimely passing, I sat down with both Dolores and Noel Hogan from The Cranberries and we spoke about their then new album "Something Else." The initial inspiration of which was around the band’s 25th anniversary, how the album came together and where it was recorded. Dolores tells a great story about the band being on the TV show The Bachelorette, and they both also spoke about coming to NYC for the very first time, where they played, and being on that first US tour, playing college campuses, and getting into trouble at hotels along the way. They reminisce and tell anecdotes about REM’s Michael Stipe, playing Woodstock 1994, Dolores’ duet with Pavarotti, and meeting Simon Lebon, The Edge, Brian Eno, and opening up for AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, and lots more. Here’s the “Out Of The Box Uncensored” podcast with The Cranberries.

Bowie Producer Visconti Takes Us Inside Bowie Recording Sessions

This is a truly fascinating conversation with celebrated record producer Tony Visconti, who produced 12 of David Bowie’s albums, including the very last Bowie album, along with many other huge band and artists he’s produced over the course of his prolific career, including T-Rex, Thin Lizzy, The Moody Blues, Gentle Giant, Morrissey and more. We did this interview, ironically, the night before we learned David Bowie passed. We spoke at length about the recording sessions for T-Rex’s “Get It On” and the sessions around the Bowie songs “Rebel Rebel”, “Young Americans” and “Heroes.” We also spoke about Tony’s band Holy Holy too. Check it out, Tony Visconti on the “Out Of The Box” uncensored podcast.

R&R Hall Of Famer Steve Winwood! Need We Say More?

Back in 2017 I sat down with Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Famer Steve Winwood to talk about his then new “Live Greatest Hits” album recorded at shows all around the US and the world. What an incredibly prolific career first with Spencer Davis Group, then Blind Faith, Traffic and a highly successful and Grammy winning solo career. How he was drawn initially to keyboards, then other instruments like guitar and mandolin. He told us the reason he got kicked out of music school. And he gave us amazing stories and remembrances of working with other artists like Jimi Hendrix (Voodoo Child), tours with Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Gregg Allman and many more. What an honor to speak with him. So here’s Steve Winwood on the Out Of The Box uncensored podcast.

Glorious Sons On Winning Juno Award, Opening For The Stones And More

We sat down with Canada’s Glorious Sons recently and spoke about their very successful Young Beauties And Fools album, what it was like winning a Juno award for that album, opening for The Rolling Stones, playing outside in Niagara Falls in February and lots more. Check it out, The Glorious Sons here on the Out Of The Box uncensored podcast.

Claypool And Lennon Talk Delirium And Progadelicism

We sat down with Les Claypool and Sean Lennon back in April of 2019 to talk about The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s new album South Of Reality, how those two initially met, Les’ wine company, their shared love of progadelicand pyschadelic rock, Les sitting down with Geddy Lee for his Big Beautiful Book Of Bass, how Yoko Ono celebrates her birthday, every year. And, we even discussed rocket science! So check it out, Les Claypool and Sean Lennon, here on the Out Of The Box uncensored podcast.