Ace Frehley Talks 'Spaceman,' Sobriety, Possible KISS Reunion

Ace Frehley gets people talking, whether he's trying to provoke conversation or not. 

The fact is, until Frehley is back in KISS people aren't going to stop wondering when he'll be back in Kiss. 

Even the Spaceman's recent weight loss set his rabid fanbase abuzz with speculation that he might be applying sequins to a new pair of platform boots. But Frehley tells Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke, that's unfortunately not the case.

"People are saying that on the Internet, 'Ace is slimming down so he can fit into his old costume.' I just wanted to lose the weight. I got tired of sucking in my gut on stage. (Laughs)"

After cutting carbs and sugar, he confirms he's now 30 pounds lighter.Until then, Frehley is thrilled about his new solo album. The aptly-titled Spaceman (available now) is a reflection on Space Ace's life. From growing up in a rough part of the Bronx, driving a taxi, becoming a rock star and eventually getting sober, Frehley is grateful for the ride. 

He recalled rewriting the lyrics to "Bronx Boy" to more closely reflect his current state of mind. 

"A friend of mine who co-wrote the song with me brought the song over and it was entitled 'Green Tea.' (Laughs) So I start looking at the lyrics and one of the lines goes, 'I got my green tea / Don't need no cocaine,'" Frehley said. "I'm saying, look, I don't want to do an anti-drug song. I'm sober, but everybody do what they want to do. You gotta figure it out for yourself. So I ended up erasing all his lyrics and redid it, pretty much drew from my personal experiences growing up in the Bronx."

The album's opener, "Without You I'm Nothing," is a reflection of his career and a thank you to the fans who have supported him for nearly 50 years. The career-spanning rocker came out of a co-writing session with Kiss bassist Gene Simmons. It's one of two songs Simmons helped craft for Spaceman

While the two might no longer be together in the band they co-founded, the chemistry between them remains intact. Frehley says the pair cranked out both "Without You I'm Nothing" and "Your Wish Is My Command" in just a few hours.  

He reiterated his openness to return to Kiss "if need be." But his cooperation is contingent on a few concessions from Simmons and Paul Stanley

Frehley has said in the past that it would take "the right price" and being allowed to reprise his role on stage, makeup and all. But Kiss doesn't want to let go of guitarist Tommy Thayer, who's now been in the band more than 15 years

Frehley says they've been through this before. He recalled their discussion prior to the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

"They said, 'Do you want to get on stage with Tommy?' I said, 'No, thanks!' (Laughs)"

Check out the full interview above. 

Get the new album and all of Ace Frehley's tour dates here

Here's the music video for Frehley's single "Rockin' With the Boys":

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