Michael Osso

Triada Stampas

Original air date: March 26, 2023
Triada Stampas of Fufill NJ says the need for her food bank has blown up since pandemic SNAP aid was cut this month.

Scott Richman

Original air date: March 19, 2023
Scott Richman, Regional Director of the NY/NJ Anti Defamation League says anti-semitic attacks have doubled just in the last 3 years with 80% of Americans admitting at least 1 Jewish stereotype.

Vincent James

Original air date: March 19, 2023
Vincent James is the organizer of the 9th annual Teach Music Week, beginning 3/20, offering young children the opportunity to try out various musical instruments. It may surprise parents to learn why it’s so important to have children learn to play music!

Phil Bertelsen

Original air date: Mar 12, 2023 Phil Bertelsen’s 6-part documentary series “Who Killed Malcolm X” on Netflix led to the exoneration of 2 men who wrongfully spent more than 20 years in prison for the assassination of Malcolm X, leading to a 38 million dollar settlement. It has also resulted in a 100 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Malcolm X against the NYPD, the state of New York and federal agencies.

Dr Gus Aliva

Originally aired Jan 2, 2022. Parkinsons disease.

Andi Rene Christensen

Originally aired Dec 11, 2022. Gender identity

Soledad Haren

Originally aired Jan 2, 2021. 9/11 stories.

Zod Arifi

Originally aired Dec 26, 2021. Pandemic. Covid.

Terry Horniacek

Originally aired Dec 17, 2021. 9/11 Stories. In flight services coordinator for United Airlines at Newark Airport on Sep 11, 2001.