Take Me To The Movies: 'Detective Knight,' 'Missing' & 'Women Talking'

“Detective Knight: Independence”…opening in a few theatersand streaming on Vudu, this is Bruce Willis’ final action movie and one of his last movies ever, after he retired last year with serious cognitive health issues. It’s the last in the “Detective Knight” trilogy, which began last year. Knight gets a last-minute assignment that turns into a race against time to stop an unbalanced EMT, who’s passing as a cop. It’s actually getting 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, mostly because people just love Bruce Willis. By the way, Trevor Gretzky has a role- and yes, he IS the son of “The Great One”, hockey great Wayne Gretzky.

“Missing”.. open in theaters, this is basically a different version of the 2018 John Cho/Debra Messing movie “Searching” , which I quite liked, with the entire movie played out on screens: cellphones or computer monitors. The story: when mom (played by Nia Long) goes missing while on a Columbia vacay with her boyfriend , the daughter (played by Storm Reid of “Wrinkle In Time” fame)uses the latest technology to try to find her. It’s getting 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. John Cho’s “Searching” did better at 92%.

“Women Talking” goes wide in theaters today. This film has one of the strongest casts : Frances McDormand; Rooney Mara; Claire Foy and Ben Whishaw. It centers on a group of women in an isolated Mennonite community who have 3 options: do nothing; stay or leave. This after the women and their daughters were drugged and then abused by their men . It’s actually based on a real-life horror in a Mennonite community in Bolivia more than 10 years ago. My husband had to be talked into seeing it and he was riveted. There are so many issues raised in this film. And the acting is as good as it gets.

3-and-a-half Hearts

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