Shelli Sonstein Takes us to the Movies

“The Secret: Dare To Dream”… streaming as of today. This rom, not to be confused with a rom-com, actually made me shift my thinking. Let me explain. The movie is a drama but it’s based on the Rhona Byrne best selling book “The Secret”, which teaches how positive thoughts can attract positive things to happen in your life. And Vice versa. Katie Holmes stars as a middle class widow mom of 3 kids who’s struggling in life, going from one crisis to the other. She works in a restaurant and is dating her boss, Jerry O’Connell , but she’s clearly not passionate about him. Into her life walks a stranger, played by Josh Lucas. Actually, coincidences, or fate has them running into each other. He is a firm believer in “The Secret” which I know sounds cultish but trust me, I think this way of thinking is worth considering. We’re magnets..we attract what we think. This is a feel good film for the family that’s a bit Hallmarky, but sweet and pretty much what we need right now. Some hope and positivity, It’s a feel good movie.

Director Andy Tennant is my guest on “Sonstein Sunday” 7:15 AM.

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I want to tell you about two movies opening next week.. because I’m off next week and I highly recommend both.

“An American Pickel” is a fantasy with Seth Rogen playing two roles. He’s Herschel Greenbaum, first seen in the old country where he woos his wife and then immigrates to America in 1920, working in a Brooklyn pickle factory. He falls into a vat of pickels (here comes the fantasy part) and is brined for 100 years, when he emerges perfectly preserved. Herschel’s only living relative is his grandson, who just created an app he’s hoping will be sold for big bucks. Old world meets new world . It’s a 90 minute total escape from reality. Definitely stream-worthy.

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I’ve been raving to Jim about a new doc called “Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘N roll Magazine”, which you can stream next week. The magazine’s home was Detroit, where Jim was a young fan. It started as an underground newspaper but became the “Mad” magazine of rock. “Creem” was funny, biting, VERY politically incorrect. It personified the 70’s.  Dave Marsh, who I always associated with “Rolling Stone” was its first editor and the legendary Lester Bangs and Cameron Crowe both wrote for it. The footage is incredible & is juxtaposed with recent interviews with many of the original staffers and writers. It’s a rock ‘n roll history lesson. The director and son of the late publisher join me on “Sonstein Sunday” at 7Am this weekend…n

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