Jim Kerr Welcomes Simple Minds Singer Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr of Q104.3 New York and Jim Kerr of Simple Minds have a lot in common!

Both make their living using their voice. Both have been on stage in front of countless people. Both are associated with a Breakfast Club. 

What, you ask? 

We at iHeartRadio have our own Breakfast Club right down the hall from us. I'm counting it.

Both have met world class musicians and legendary rock stars throughout their careers.

Unfortunately...only one rakes in piles of money in royalties a year. Hey, it pays to write some of the greatest songs of all time! 

Oh, and they have the same name!

So, since Simple Minds has a new album out, Walk Between Worlds, we thought we'd get the two Jim Kerrs together and see what happens!

Would it be a friendly conversation, a contentious debate or a fight for supremacy?

"He's got to be aware that he's made it just horrific to Google me," said our Jim Kerr.

"Well, when I try to Google me, he always appears; does he have that problem with me?" Simple Minds Jim Kerr replied. "When I'm trying to impress people on a daily basis..!"

Check it out below!

Get more information on the new album here

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Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

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