Sonstein Sunday: Last Men in Aleppo, Love and Hate Crime

This Sunday on Sonstein Sunday, I speak with Feras Fayyad, who could well win an Oscar tonight. His heartbreaking film “Last Men in Aleppo”, is up for best documentary. Every first responder will relate as this is the story of SYRIAN 1st responders, who rush into bombed out buildings, no matter who is trapped, to save those buried in the debris. Feras risked his own life to film these heroes. Had he not escaped to Turkey, he tells me he certainly would have been dead- killed for his journalism. Feras joins me @ 7am.

Ben Steele directed “Love & Hate Crime” for the ID TV channel. It’s the story of the first person ever to be sentenced on federal hate crime charges for killing a transgender person. Ben does such a beautiful job on his doc- it plays like a mystery. He leave the viewer to judge. Ben joins me @ 7:15 am.

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