Women Has It Out With Mall Santa, "You're Not Even Real"

My friend in Toronto sent me this video. Happened right by her apartment at the Dufferin (Sufferin) Mall... Apparently a women started shouting at Santa, challenging his identity.  

"Do you have a sleigh? No?", she screams. She then asks the mall security, who definitely aren't paid enough for this s@#t, to remove St Nick from his post. “You’re not even real, I heard about it when I was a young kid!”

Santa, who also isn't paid enough either, just stares back at her. He knows he can't win. Eventually security manages to get her leave. But what stands out to me is how this takes place outside a Walmart, because, of course it does...


It's nice to see the crazy has started moving its way north, but still retains its Canadian-ness. Not like the mall incidents we have down here. Remember when the Jersey City Easter Bunny beat up patrons at the Newport Mall??

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