Man Visits Every Baseball Stadium With His Friend's Ashes

A few months ago we came across the story of Astoria's Thomas McDonald. He's a huge Mets fan. His best friend Roy Riegel, who had recently passed away, was also a big baseball fan. So with the blessing of Roy's family, Thomas took his friend's ashes to every Major League baseball stadium. But this is where the story gets unusual. 

The plan was to sprinkle Roy's remains at each of the stadiums. Since security isn't a fan of people just casting ashes into the wind, and Roy was a plumber by trade, Thomas came up with the next best thing: flushing the ashes down the toilet. 

We found out that Thomas is a big fan of our show, so we had to get him on to tell his story:

Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

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