When Is Too Early For A Season To Begin?

Pumpkin Spice Jamie

It’s not just us but as one season starts, stores begin setting up for the next. Summer was not even at the halfway point and Back-To-School sales had been raging for weeks. I heard from a friend that one big-box store already has Halloween costumes on the shelves!

Now Halloween, we naturally think of fall. And with fall comes the pumpkin spicing of America. Yes we all know of the coffee, but for the past couple of years we’ve been seeing pumpkin spice in pretty much anything that can be pumpkin spiced. Grub Street has a good rundown of foods that are pumpkin spice flavored including hummus, seltzer, vodka, Peeps and more.

But it’s not fall. It’s still summer!

World Market, a brand owned by Bed Bath & Beyond has been selling 12-ounce bags of their pre ground coffee filled with “the flavors of fresh baked pumpkin pie” since Tuesday. The FIRST of August!?!

They’re claiming it allows them to celebrate National Coffee Month. But from their point of view, it makes sense. Be first to market. Because if you ain't first, you’re last! 

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