Happy Fat Tuesday! Let's Talk Cookies and Sin

Archbishop Robert Carlson sent a two-page letter to the parishes of St. Louis, MO, raising the question, "Can I still buy Girl Scout cookies?"

The Archbishop feels issues that the Scouts advocate for, like access to birth control, are "incompatible with our Catholic values". And while he doesn't ask the parishes to kick scouts out of their properties (some 4,000 Girl Scouts in St Louis meet in Catholic owned buildings), he does ask his followers to "act in accord with their conscience."

The Girl Scouts have released a statement in response, "We remain committed to building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place."

But I think the Archbishop may have a point:

Just look how many sins I'm committing by eating Girl Scout cookies:

  • Pride - think of the pride you feel when you sell more cookies than all the other fathers!
  • Envy and Greed - You want more cookies, don't you?
  • Gluttony - Duh!
  • Sloth - Ever eat an entire box of cookies in one sitting?
  • Wrath - You'll feel my wrath if you touch my boxes of Thin Mints!
  • Lust -  Just listen to the sounds of pleasure made while eating Girl Scout cookies
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