New Research Suggests Beer Is Healthier Than Wine

More Good News About Beer

While not drinking alcohol is still probably the healthiest choice of all, new research suggests moderate beer drinking has a place in a healthy diet.

Yes, wine is typically held up as the "healthiest" alcoholic drink due to its being high in antioxidants, but a study published in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences says that wine might be getting too much credit.

The researchers claim beer has just as many antioxidants as wine, in addition to more protein and B vitamins. They also say beer can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

The wonders of beer don't stop there, however. The study's findings also point to "trace amounts of minerals" in beer. Plus, the polyphenols in the drink can help the body fight disease, reduce the likelihood of diabetes and protect cognitive function. 

"Physicians should be aware of the growing evidence supporting the nutritional and health benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle," the study says.

The keyword there? Moderate.

Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage, heart disease and weight gain, as we know. So beer fans should keep in mind that more beer doesn't mean better health. 

The Daily Mail reports that its inadvisable to consume more than "14 units [of alcohol] per week," which amounts to about one pint of beer per day for men and half a pint of beer per day for women.  

But drinkers are advised to avoid drinking every day of the week. 

"Spread your drinking over three of more days if you regularly drink as much as 14 units a week," said nutritionist Sisi Yip.

So don't feel guilty about enjoying a drink once in a while! Happiness is good for your health, too!

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