Watch How Pouring a Beer Wrong Can Make You Sick


You know that friend you have who insists on drinking beer from a glass or a cup?

That friend is enjoying the beer way more than you, and probably also saving themselves some of the beverage's ill-effects just by virtue of pouring it!

That said, there's a right way and a wrong way to pour a beer. According to Master Cicerone Max Bakker in a recent piece for Business Insider, the wrong way has more consequences than you might think.

Pouring a beer incorrectly can make you feel sick!

Because beer is carbonated, Bakker says, that CO2 is getting released one way or another. If you drink beer from a bottle or a can, or pour it too carefully, that CO2 gets released in your stomach, leaving you feeling achy, bloated and gassy.

"So, there's about two-and-a-half bottles of CO2 in this beer that weren't released in the glass," Bakker says during a demonstration. "That's 100 percent what's going in my stomach if the beer's not poured properly."

The proper technique?


"[You] can get a beer and you pour it down the side [of the glass] with vigor and you're breaking that CO2 out," he says. "And, granted, people say that looks like a lot of foam, but foam always turns into beer."

Further illustrating his point, Bakker pours himself a beer into his chalice and takes a swig, leaving behind some foam on his nose and upper lip.

Well, I know what I'm doing tonight: SCIENCE!!!

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