Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc "The Cope" Coppola is a native New Yorker who can be heard on a station near you!


We Have The BUNNY. But Down Under Has The Easter Bilby? What's a BILBY?

The Easter Bilby looks like a rabbit crossbred with a rat so I went ahead and coined the name

the Rat-bit.

I was reading in the 4/1 International Business Times that usually, all over the world it is the Easter

Bunny that brings the chocolates and hides the eggs, but in Australia it is an Easter Bilby that brings the


One reason behind the difference is to create awareness that the bilby is an

endangered species in Australia (only about 700 left in the world) and it's earlier

ancestor is the Lesser Bilby is already extinct.

Another reason Australians celebrate Easter with a bilby rather than a rabbit: They

hate bunnies because they destroy crops. And yes they have chocolate

bilbies. I wonder if Aussies eat the ears first? --Cope

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