Sammy Hagar Would Cancel Shows If Necessary To Make It To EVH Tribute Show

No matter where or when Eddie Van Halen's family puts on a tribute concert in his honor, Sammy Hagar is assuring fans that he will be there.

While Van Halen never got the chance to reunite onstage, as Eddie had reportedly hoped, Hagar sees the tribute concert as the next best thing. Eddie passed away last October, several months after privately reconnecting with Hagar.

If he has a conflict, Hagar said in a recent interview with Kyle Meredith, he'll cancel it to take part in a proper send-off for Eddie.

"Whoever wants to call me up and say, 'Here's the date,' I will be there," Hagar said. "I don't care where I am. I'll cancel a show!"

He laughed, before noting the irony of his statement — canceling shows was akin to heresy during his tenure in Van Halen.

"I always make that joke — canceling a show with Van Halen," he continued. "I went out sick without being able to sing, Eddie went out with a crutch, Alex went out with a f---ing neck brace — we wouldn't cancel shows. But I will cancel my show for a tribute to Eddie any day."

Hagar and his longtime partner and former VH bandmate Michael Anthony are in agreement on the subject. The pair told Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein in January that it's up to Eddie's family (and the coronavirus pandemic), as to when the concert happens.

"I don't care if it takes 10 years, that will happen," Hagar said.

"We've got to celebrate the music," Anthony added. "So much great music."

Eddie's son, Wolfgang Van Halen, suggested last fall that his family would eventually organize a tribute concert, with proceeds going to Eddie's favorite charity, Mr. Holland's Opus, which helps bring music education to underprivileged kids.

Photo: Getty Images

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