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Aimée Osbourne Talks Daring New Single 'Shared Something With The Night'

Aimée Osbourne's ARO project has re-emerged after four years with a dramatic new single and music video, "Shared Something With the Night."

The song introduces itself as an avant-garde lullaby before crashing into a wall of fuzz guitars and live drums. ARO's voice is presented in contrast to the maelstrom, soaring above it while also egging it on.

"It initially didn't start off quite as heavy, but I'm kind of glad that it did," she tells Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke.

"Shared Something With the Night" was first written years ago when Aimée was still living in New York. She showed the song among many others to her label and was surprised how much they liked it.

"Everyone on the team there just kept going back to this one track. And I kind of battled them on it a little bit," she says. "For me, I've lived with it for four years now...As an artist when you get close to the material and you're too involved, you lose your ears for it. You don't necessarily hear things about the track that other people would hear."

While the pandemic has made Aimee one of the "millions of people who had their plans completely turned upside-down this year," she's looking forward to making up her tour dates in 2021 and trying some new things in the meantime.

"I'm really trying to embrace the live-streaming and we're in rehearsals for that, and I'm excited about recording that and getting that out there. So all good things."

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Check out the official video for ARO's "Shared Something With The Night":

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