The White Stripes' Final Show Ever Has Been Released As A Live Album

The White Stripes In Concert

The White Stripes In Concert

The White Stripes' final concert 12 years ago is now available for streaming and digital download.

The 2007 show at Snowden Grove Amphitheater in Southaven, Mississippi, includes all 20 songs performed that evening, including stage banter and some of the Stripes' most beloved songs, like "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground," "Canon," "Icky Thump" and "Ball And Biscuit."

Third Man Records co-founder and White Stripes archivist Ben Blackwell explains in a blog post on, where the album is now available, that at the time no one beyond Meg and Jack White knew the band was about to call it quits after that night (an announcement that didn't officially come until 2011).

Blackwell recalls Meg breaking the news to him minutes before going onstage to perform.

"As the crowd thinned, Meg White and I were the last ones left standing there..." he writes of the scene before the White Stripes' set. "Meg said to me, 'I think this is the last White Stripes show.' Confused, I responded, 'Well, yeah, the last show of this leg of the tour.' She replied, 'No...I think this is the last White Stripes show ever,' and slowly walked away."

Blackwell continues, writing that he was "dumbfounded." He remembers looking around to see if anyone else heard what she had told him. No one did.

Still stunned by Meg's declaration, Blackwell set about documenting the evening, grabbing the items like the band's schedule from the day, and then rushing to the side of the stage to hand-write the setlist (The White Stripes were not in the habit of planning a set before getting onstage).

Blackwell notes that it was the band's only performance ever in Mississippi, and Jack seemed determined to emphasize the state's musical heritage, calling out a number of the Stripes' bluesier tunes and specifically referencing standards by blues greats, like Leadbelly, Robert Johnson and Son House, over the course of the set.

You can start listening here.

Earlier this year, The White Stripes announced a 20th anniversary box set reissue of their debut album.

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