Doctors Warn Against Eyeball Tattoos: You Could Go Blind!

An Ottawa woman partially lost vision in one of her eyes after her eye ink session went wrong, and now doctors are issuing a warning: "Don't tattoo your eyeballs!"

Pretty straightforward, isn't it?

Although the practice has been decried by ophthalmologists and many tattoo studios alike, eyeball tattoos are increasingly in demand—at least as far as extreme body modification goes, reports The Canadian Press.

Twenty-four-year-old Catt Gallinger says she learned about the risks of the procedure the hard way when she allowed someone to dye the whites of her eyes purple.

Gallinger tells The Canadian Press that she's lost some vision in the tattooed eye, which is now swollen and misshapen. She doesn't yet know if the damage is permanent.

"This is a very big toll on the mental health," she said. "At this point, every day is different. Some days I feel a bit better, other days I kind of want to give up."

You can see photos and videos Galliger has shared via Facebook below. 

WARNING: Some viewers may find the images upsetting.


Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

Gerry Martire

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