If You Don't Know Clutch, Now's the Time to Learn


For some 27 years Clutch has been an American treasure of a rock 'n' roll band that too many rock fans are unaware of.

Fans of Led Zeppelin have long gravitated to Clutch's rootsy brand of riff rock, and as a long-time fan, the least I could do is share their latest music video "In Walks Barbarella," from the band's upcoming Book of Bad Decisions album on September 7. 

The strange thing is if you've never known Clutch, you've probably still seen their logo slapped on mailboxes or seen people walking around in Clutch T-shirts. 

You might have even heard them before! The band's song "Electric Worry" did well on active rock radio in the late-'00s and was used in some TV spots.

Carol Miller

Carol Miller

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