Dolly Parton Hopes To Reunite Robert Plant, Jimmy Page On Upcoming Album

Since being nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, Dolly Parton has repeatedly insisted that she's not a true rock 'n' roll fan and "hadn't earned" the right as an artist to be inducted.

However, despite her protest (and eventual acceptance of the award), Dolly has long shared one of every rock fans' longest running hopes: a reunion between Led Zeppelin cofounders Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Dolly recorded a bluegrass version of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" on her 2002 album Halos & Horns. But she tells Pollstar in a new interview that her husband, Carl Thomas Dean — the real rocker in her family — wasn't crazy about it.

After her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Dolly wants to give the song another shot, this time hopefully with its two writers on the track with her.

"I'm going to redo that really on the money ... and do it more true to the regular record," she said, referring to her plans for a rock covers album. "I'm trying to see if Robert Plant might sing on it. Maybe Jimmy Page might do the pick-up part on it. I'm looking forward to dragging in some of the great classic people, girls and boys, to sing on some of the songs."

While Plant has remained as active as ever, and toured the U.S. this year with Alison Krauss, Page has remained elusive since the festival premiere of Becoming Led Zeppelin last year. Even Ozzy Osbourne couldn't secure a collaboration with Page on his latest solo album, saying the guitarist never responded to his request.

Dolly has long bandied about the idea of making a rock album, but her Rock Hall nomination was the impetus to push the project to the forefront. While the album will be primarily covers, Dolly confirms to Pollstar that she's written at least one original song for the album that she plans to perform at her induction.

She described the tune as "a fine little song" that pays homage to Elvis Presley, Journey and Chuck Berry.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is set to take place November 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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