Jason Newsted May Never Do Another Interview After Van Halen Uproar

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted made big waves in the rock world last week when he revealed that he had been invited to take part in a possible Van Halen celebration tour by Alex Van Halen himself.

Today, Newsted wonders if he's given his last interview.

The bassist tells Pat Lynch from iHeartRadio's Gater 98.7 FM that he only agreed to speak with The Palm Beach Post last week to promote the Chophouse Band's upcoming benefit concert for the Goldner Conservatory of Performing Arts in Jupiter, Florida. He wasn't trying to rehash his life's story.

The conservatory gives students of all ages and abilities access to high-quality training in dance, music and theater. Most of Newsted's work in music and visual art over the past decade has been to benefit children's causes. But you wouldn't know that until about 1,300 words into the Palm Beach Post's recent profile.

"I don't do very many interviews anymore, you know," Newsted told Lynch. "I agreed to do that to promote the show for the kids. We do benefit shows to put paintbrushes and guitars in kids' hands. That's what I'm doing now!

"What you talked about before: the Metallica Black Album did so well — and it still does to this moment. Because of that, I'm able to do what I want with whatever projects I have going."

He added that the Chophouse Band is the longest-running musical project of his career. The band only plays every few months, specifically, to raise money for art programs for kids. No one involved gets a paycheck; from band to crew, all proceeds go to charity.

"I go to talk about that and I mention two little things about the calls that I've received in the past 20 years from whoever it is, Alex [Van Halen], Aerosmith, whatever it was. I was just listing a list of calls that I received over time that never went anywhere," Newsted continued.

He says the Palm Beach Post article dwelled on his past, mostly stories that he's told plenty of times. His career isn't over; it's just in another stage.

"There is a future here," he said. "Everybody knows about my past. Let's please talk about what's coming, not what has already happened. So that really rubbed me wrong. ... Right here, this is real stuff, I know better. I know what's going to happen here. I know this is respect. I don't know what interviews I'll do again; I'm not sure."

Watch the full conversation via the player above.

The Chophouse Band takes the stage Saturday night at 8 p.m. at the Jupiter Theatre.

Go here for tickets and more information.

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