Jim Kerr Just Learned Who Chris Hemsworth Is And He's Not Taking It Well

Jim Kerr has gotten pretty comfortable around celebrities through his long career in radio.

Over the years he's met plenty of legendary actors, comedians and musicians. But Jim disclosed Wednesday morning that he began questioning everything this week when he learned that an old friend swapped her longtime celebrity crush, James Spader, for a new man: Chris Hemsworth.

Jim, who had never heard of the 38-year-old Australian adonis, Googled the actor's name, thinking he would find information about another eccentric thespian, like Spader. He was mistaken.

Hemsworth, who is best known for his titular role in Marvel's Thor franchise, is perfectly cast as a muscle-bound, hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder. Poor Jim began spiraling.

Check out the conversation via the Facebook player below or here via Instagram!

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