James Murray Has Big Screen Hopes For Latest Suspense Novel 'The Stowaway'

Impractical Jokers star and co-creator James 'Murr' Murray is always looking to take it to the next level, whether its his hit television series, his impressive garden (which honestly sounds more like a farm at this point) or his career as a novelist.

Murr and co-author Darren Wearmouth recently published their fourth novel, The Stowaway, a suspense thriller set on a transatlantic cruise ship. As Murr tells Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show, all of his books are written in a cinematic style to make them easily adaptable into films.

He's optimistic that The Stowaway might get the green light.

"The Stowaway is about a woman named Maria Fontana, who is the head of psychology at Columbia University. She's also a juror on the trial of the century — a serial killer case — a gentleman named Wyatt Butler, who's been accused of horrifically murdering a number of innocent children. She can't find it in herself to vote him guilty. He goes free.

"Two years later she's on a transatlantic cruise with her two children and her fiancé halfway across the Atlantic, three days in any direction form land or help, kids start disappearing on the boat in the same way they did on the case two years earlier. And she's the only one with the details of that case that can stop the killer. Is he on board? Is it a copycat or something far more nefarious and only she has the knowledge and intel and skills to stop him before he kills again."

While he's an author now, Murr is foremost a fan of the suspense genre. As most great thrillers have a cathartic twist in their final acts, he says The Stowaway delivers on that level in the best way.

Watch the full conversation via the player above!

Get more details on The Stowaway here.

Photo: Trevor Marden

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