9/11 Stories: 106.7 Lite FM's Christine Nagy

On September 11, 2001 Christine Nagy, currently cohost of “Christine & Cubby Mornings” on 106.7 Lite-Fm, was part of “Elvis Duran And the Z Morning Zoo” at Z100.

Their offices were on the 36th floor of what was then the tallest building in Jersey City, with a clear, unobstructed view of The World Trade Center, directly across the river. It was such a bright sunny day, they lowered the blinds and didn’t know a plane had hit The World Trade Center until a listener called.

Opening the blinds, they could not believe their eyes. It became clear after the second plane hit that this was a terrorist attack. Fearing the terrorists were targeting tall buildings, and concerned theirs could be next, Elvis Duran made the decision to evacuate his team, saying, “We gotta be safe,” and switched on air to a network news feed.

Christine offered to drive a few of her co-workers home, careful to avoid The New Jersey Turnpike because that would take her by The Statue Of Liberty, which she feared could also be a target. Elvis called his crew that night asking if they were willing to come back on air the next morning. The goal was to help in anyway possible, connecting people on air.

Calls ranged from those who needed rides to those seeking missing loved ones. Nagy says she and Duran both felt for the first time ever, they were making a contribution.

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