9/11 Stories: Michael Barasch

Before the attacks of 9/11, Michael Barasch’s law practice primarily represented NYC firefighters who were injured on the job. Sadly, among the 343 FDNY’ers who died that day were some of his clients and witnesses. And friends. Barasch’s offices are steps away from The World Trade Center. He couldn’t believe his eyes, as he watched person after person jump from windows when the first tower was hit. After sending everyone home, Michael and two others waited in shock, not knowing what to do, mesmerized by the unbelievable events unfolding outside their building. When the first tower collapsed, they realized they had to get out of the building. Michael vividly remembers running north up Broadway as fire trucks speeded south to the deadly scene. It was that singular moment which most influenced his career and life’s work: his instinct was to run AWAY from the danger while FDNY’ers raced TOWARD the danger to help. Barasch says, “How in awe I am of these first responders”. He has since dedicated his practice...and his life...to help ailing first responders, along with the residents, students, workers, and volunteers who were in the area and continue to fall ill and die from the 9/11 dust. 9/11 community attorney Michael Barasch has represented more 9/11 victims than ANY attorney AND he was the FIRST lawyer to legally go to bat for ailing September 11th first responders, less than 3 months after the terror attack. He has traveled numerous times to Washington to fight for all victims, clients or not, and sponsors “9/11 Stories” so that we never forget.