PSA Don't Hire A Hitman Online….Or At All

When are people going to learn not to hire hitmen using the internet? I mean you should never use a hitman for anything but googling for a hitman just seems stupid.

A woman looking for someone to kill her ex-husband had her plans foiled when she sought out the extremely obvious for their services. 

Michigan State Police say, 51-year-old Wendy Wein visited the site and completed a "service request form" and listed her ex as the source of her grievances. She also requested a consultation for her "issue." What Wendy didn’t know was, the website is fake and the owner alerted authorities when he received the request, which launched an investigation. 

An undercover cop then met Wendy in a parking lot where, according to police, "she offered to pay him $5,000 to murder her ex-husband... and provided him with an up-front payment for travel expenses." 

Wein was arrested and later charged with Solicitation to Commit Murder and illegal use of a Computer to Commit a Crime. She is being held in Monroe County Jail on $500,000 bond. She is facing a potential life sentence if convicted of Solicitation to Commit Murder. 

According to Police, since creating in 2005, the owner claims he has been able to prevent over 130 murders because he reports all of the requests to police. He added that people have also requested school shootings and baby abductions through the site. 

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