Italian Company Proposes Plexiglas Beach Cubicles for Pandemic Summer Fun

There is a real chance that summer could be canceled. That means beaches could be closed. There is hope though, one Italian company has conceptualized a solution and it involves Plexiglas beach cubicles.

Modena-based Nuova Neon recently unveiled a type of transparent Plexiglas cubicles that could be set up on beaches to ensure that people can enjoy some time in the sun while still maintaining a safe distance from each other. These large transparent boxes are designed to help avoid interactions with other vacationers.

Measuring 2 meters high and 4.5 meters wide on each side, the pandemic beach cubicles can accommodate two sunbeds and an umbrella and even have a bit of free space for people to move around in. Nuova Neon has released some concepts, but mentioned that its creations currently still in the design stages, encouraging interested parties to offer their suggestions. 

The cubicles aren’t made of a simple Plexiglas, but of a special type capable of blocking UV rays, come equipped with sanitizer dispensers and are roofless, to allow heat to dissipate. Still, feedback hasn’t been very positive so far, with several beach operators claiming that the concept just isn’t feasible in Italy.

Other obstacles are that several beach areas constantly see strong winds, and where the Plexiglas cubicles would be at risk of being swept away.

The first batches of beach Plexiglas cubicles are expected to be shipped in about three weeks.

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