Deep Purple Completes Second New Album Since Starting 'Long Goodbye' Tour


Deep Purple has completed its second album of new material in as many years.

Frontman Ian Gillan announced via Facebook that the follow-up to 2017's inFinite was complete.

Gillan joked that the five members of the iconic British heavy rock band arrived at a Nashville recording studio last March at "roughly the same time on roughly the same day with roughly no idea of what we were doing."

"It was a total coincidence, the like of which has probably never been witnessed since — unbelievably — exactly the same thing happened a few years earlier when we spawned some In-Finite ideas," he added.

The Bob Ezrin-produced album was "all a blur," Gillan's satirical message continued.

Whereas all signs pointed to retirement as of a year or so ago, Deep Purple will resume its appropriately-named 'The Long Goodbye' tour in 2020 in part to support the forthcoming album.

"I sense the grinding of campaign wheels, the oiling of creaky roadies, rumors of itineraries and ripples of creativity in Hamburg," Gillan added. "Quite plainly something is in the air, but I have no idea what it could be."

In the summer of 2018, with the presumed end of the 'Long Goodbye' tour in sight, Gillan cautioned fans who assumed this would be their last chance to see the band live.

He noted in one interview that when the band announced its farewell, the members had just persevered through all manner of health issues. More than a year later, however, things were looking up with everyone's health under control.

While longtime guitarist Steve Morse said he was absolutely certain about retirement that same summer, by the following winter he admitted he had plans to record new albums with Deep Purple and with Flying Colors later that year.

Deep Purple is on tour now in Europe and has overseas shows on the books through July.

Photo: Getty Images

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