See Fans Create 'Wall of Death' In Mosh Pit During Village People's "YMCA"

Riot Fest may be known mostly as a rock festival, but that doesn't mean attendees this year were any less stoked to see '70s disco hitmakers The Village People.

The group's two biggest hits, went over famously with the massive festival audience, who showed their appreciation with a circle pit during "Macho Man" and a senselessly brutal "wall of death" during "Y.M.C.A."

Some hardcore kids and some metal kids started separating the audience in two loose lines during "Y.M.C.A." — we may never know why anyone listened. In video from the show, people can be heard shouting to hold the line until the chorus.

This causes some confusion because every part of "Y.M.C.A." sounds like the chorus, until the actual chorus comes. Amazingly, the lines hold until the groups sings, "It's fun to stay at the..." and all hell breaks loose with each vanguard hurling itself into the other in one of heavy metal's most ludicrous traditions.

You can see video from the pit in the player above or here.

Hopefully no one got hurt. After all, the Village People don't inspire the type of berserker rage in the mosh pit that metal and hardcore bands do.

For obvious reasons the activity has been mostly banned at metal shows in the U.S.

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