"The Quiet One," Bill Wyman, Speaks with Jim Kerr

Ex-Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman spoke with Jim on the day 'The Quiet One,' a documentary based on his memories and archives, opens in theaters.

Bill discusses how he was the only member of the Stones to experience World War II, recalling the hardships and some very shocking moments.

Wyman talks about how he grew up in very modest circumstances, having to build his first bass and amps himself.

He also shares how he felt about being offered to play with Ray Charles and having difficulty accepting compliments from other accomplished artists.

Former Rolling Stone bass player Bill Wy

Wyman's meticulous journals and record keeping makes him perhaps the most reliable narrator when it comes to telling the story of The Stones. 'The Quiet One' is filled with archival films, photos and audio his "OCD" side forced him to preserve all these years. You can see 'The Quiet One' at the IFC Center, 323 6th Ave, today (Fri 6/21) through next week.

Listen to the entire conversation on the Jim Kerr Anytime podcast below:

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