Sonstein Sunday: The movie Girls of the Sun / FDNY Widow Kimberly McDonagh

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday: 

Did you know women are largely responsible for the fall of ISIS? Eva Husson, joining me at 6:55am, directed the most compelling film “Girls Of The Sun,” based on the true story of women who were separated from their families and turned into sex slaves by ISIS, broke free, and then formed warrior units to fight them. It opens Friday. Eva Husson’s movie is riveting, powerful, historic PLUS it’s just a great film. 

Back in September, I met Kimberly McDonagh at the plaque ceremony at FDNY headquarters, honoring the FDNY’ers who had died in the last year from ‪9/11 toxins. Her husband was FDNY LT. Eddie McDonagh. I asked Kimberly if she could join me on “Sonstein Sunday” to honor her husband by telling our listeners about him. Kimberley was not yet ready to share. It was too raw. Too soon. Six months later, we met again at a lunch the FDNY Family Support unit organized for FDNY widows and caregivers of those suffering ‪from 9/11 illnesses. I was the keynote speaker and followed Kimberly, who had the room in tears, telling the story of her huband’s illness and the life they shared. We hugged after and she told me she was ready to share her story with all of you. Kimberly joins me ‪at 7:15 AM.

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