Judah Friedlander: World Champ...and Future President?

Comedian Judah Friedlander returns to the Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show. Judah's current tour is named the Future President Tour. Why? Because we need a World Champion as POTUS and he's officially "standing" for the job.

Jim grills Judah on various platform positions, like setting a 3 day work week and banning math, as well as his policies on artificial intelligence and social media.

All joking aside, the actor, author and 30 year stand-up vet speaks about his passion for performing and how he approaches different types of audiences. His Netflix special 'Judah Friedlander: America is the Greatest Country in the United States' was shot while doing short sets in small, intimate clubs all across NYC.

Later Jim and Judah also bond over their love of iceberg lettuce and aversion to kale, which has been exposed as filthy with contaminates. Friedlander also shares his experience being in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'- you can tell it a major moment for him.

Don't miss the great Judah Friedlander this weekend at Caroline's! 5 shows starting tonight (Fri 3/22) thru Sun 3/24.

Check out the full interview below on the Jim Kerr Anytime podcast:



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