Take Me To The Movies: Captain Marvel

“Captain Marvel”

This if the first Marvel film to ever be centered on a woman. It’s their answer to “Wonder Woman.” But this movie is just “meh” when you compare it to “Wonder Woman.” And it doesn’t come close to “Black Panther.”…it’s just…ok. Oscar winner Brie Larson is fine but not mind-blowing. The best thing about Samuel L. Jackson is seeing how they younged-him-down. With their pointy ears, the enemy warriors all look like they were all somehow related to “Star Trek’s” Dr. Spock. Annette Bening seems like she’s having a blast in her smallish role.

The special effects aren’t particularly impressive. Obviously aimed at the millennial audience, the 90’s theme with our hero’s back story is fun - especially the music and the t-shirts. But all in all, I have to say this movie is just underwhelming. My favorite thing in the movie is the cat. Yes, the cat. The word “flerken” will be trending as of tomorrow. You’ll understand when you see the film. Don’t get me wrong, “Captain Marvel” will be huge and the hero is a great role model for young girls. It’s just not a great movie. It runs 2 hours and 20 minutes.You know the drill…stay for the credits for the surprise that is now expected in all Marvel films. And yes- the movie finished before Stan Lee passed, so we get his traditional cameo.

2 ♥


“Gloria Bell”

Starring Oscar winner Julianne Moore, this is a remake of the foreign language film “Gloria” made 6 years ago by the same director, Oscar winner Sebastian Lelio (2018’s Best Foreign Film, “A Fantastic Woman”). Gloria is an L.A. officer worker who lets her hair down hanging out at dance clubs at night. That’s where this 50 something year old meets a new love, played by John Turturro (who actually had to tone down this dance moves. Remember how brilliant his dancing was in “The Big Lebowski”?) It’s all about how you can find love at any point in life despite all the messiness that comes with families and history. Brad Garrett is her ex-husband and Michael Cera is one of her kids. Taylor Holland (“Two and a Half Men” & “The Practice”) is her mom.

There’s humor too, but mostly a lot of spirit on the part of Gloria, whose passion for dancing gets her through. This is a very satisfying film for adults. Sebastian Lelio will join me on “Sonstein Sunday” March 24th.

3 ♥


“I’m Not Here”

J.K. Simmons gets a nude scene in this bleaker than bleak film about a suicidal alcoholic and what got him this way. Max Greenfield (“The Neighborhood”) plays his younger self. Mandy Moore plays his mom in flashbacks. The kid who plays Joe on “Modern Family” plays his son in flashbacks. Simmons can do no wrong, so if you’re a fan this may be worth a Netflix look-see.But all in all it’s just another depressing film about someone you wish you will never become.

2 ♥


“The Kid”

Dane DeHaan stars as Billy The Kid and Ethan Hawke plays Sheriff Pat Garrett in a western written and directed by Vincent D’Onofrio. The kid, in the title, is a young teen on the run with his older sister after killing an abusive dad who murdered their mom. The teenagers hook up with Billy The Kid, near the end of his life. You can wait for this one on Netflix. My husband is a huge fan of Westerns and he was underwhelmed. ‘Nuff said.

1 ½ ♥



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