Sonstein Sunday: "The Breaker Upperers" / Lori Benson's 9/11 Toxin Story

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Sick of the usual Valentine’s Day rom-coms? Check out the New Zealand anti-rom-com “The Breaker Upperers” on Netflix. Madeleine Sami & Jackie Van Beek star, wrote and directed. Both join me on Q104.3’s “Sonstein Sunday” ‪at 6:55am. You can see the video at ‪

At 7:15: There is such a disconnect- so many people still don’t realize their cancers or health issues are the result of exposure to the ‪9/11 toxins 17 plus years ago. Lori Benson works in the ‪9/11 health community and only recently made the connection to her own health issues. Lori shares her story alongside attorney Michael Barasch‪.

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