Bill Burr On His Early Days all the Way to MSG & Beyond

Comedian/actor/podcaster/producer and currently very busy guy Bill Burr visited Jim and Shelli this morning. There’s a lot on the table to unpack so bear with me…

Your immediate focus should be Burr headlining Madison Square Garden. He’ll be presenting the show “Bill Burr: 50” as part of the New York Comedy Festival on Wednesday Nov. 7th.

He’s also appearing in a new political/biographical drama “The Front Runner” which opens on Election Day, Nov 6th. It stars Hugh Jackman as the disgraced ‘80s presidential hopeful Gary Hart. Burr plays a Miami Herald reporter who starts a disastrous chain of events for Hart.

And there’s more…the 3rd season of his critically acclaimed animated series “F is for Family” is slated to premiere next month on Netflix.

Finally, as part of a collaboration between his All Things Comedy Network and Comedy Central. Burr will be presenting/curating 3 one hour specials and a stand-up series on CC. First up- “Bill Burr Presents Paul Virzi: I’ll Say This” debuting on Nov 2nd.

Bill Burr

We got all the plugs in and somehow Jim and Shelli still managed to get to know Bill during his first appearance on the show. Jim and Bill bonded over the childhood paper routes as well as Bill’s initial interest in radio in college. Burr discussed what led him to try his first open mic, his early days as a podcast pioneer and his pride in being a part of the TV classic “Breaking Bad.” Finally…Shelli and Bill delve into the difficulties of making homemade pie crust. All bases covered.

For ticket’s to Bill Burr at Madison Square Garden on Wed. Nov. 7th, go to nycomedyfestival or ticketmaster.

Make sure check out the interview both in video and podcast forms below!



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