Watch Jim and Peter Fonda Debate the 'Easy Rider' Soundtrack

Iconic actor Peter Fonda dropped by the studio last week while promoting his new film "Boundaries." The film opens today (Fri 6/22) and stars Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga and legendary Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. Appropriately Mr. Fonda plays a retired drug dealer that Farmiga and Plummer visit while on a road trip.

Peter Fonda

Peter was an open book about his lengthy career and told us he's looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of his '60s defining film 'Easy Rider.' Jim and Peter discussed the movie's unforgettable soundtrack and actually got into a debate about who should be credited with 'The Ballad of Easy Rider'! 

It was a thrill to have an all time great visit us (plus he looked like any movie star should, rocking some very sweet shades). Go check out 'Boundaries' this weekend! 

We have the whole interview with Peter Fonda for you below:



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