Take Me To The Movies: Life of the Party, Breaking In

“Life of the Party”

Melissa McCarthy stars and co-wrote with hubby Ben Falcone, who directs her as a just-dumped mom who goes back to college, where she ends up in the same class as her daughter. The title tells it all. Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”) and Maya Rudolph co-star. I didn’t catch it and after seeing the Rotten Tomatoes weigh-ins, I’m so glad I didn’t give up a night’s sleep!!!


“Breaking In”

Gabrielle Union stars as a mom who will stop at nothing to save her 2 kids being held hostage in an impenetrable house. Again, I refused to give up a night’s sleep.



A bloody bloody bloody (did I say bloody?) rape revenger starring Matilda Lutz of “Rings” fame. It scorches on Rotten Tomatoes, getting 92%.


“The Seagull”

A movie version of Anton Chekhov’s favorite play. Everyone is in love with someone who doesn’t love them. 4-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening is a narcissistic mom from hell who can’t appreciate her son’s art. His girlfriend ultimately runs off with the Mom’s younger boyfriend but no one’s happy in the end. Elizabeth Moss is in love with the son who is in love with 3-time Oscar nominee Saorise Ronan who is in love with (back to) the mom’s bf. It’s funny but probably works better the way it started, as a play. Great performances…it just feels like a play.



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