Sonstein Sunday: Chris O'Toole, Jake Thistle

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Chris O'Toole

After returning from my honeymoon in January 2017, I read in the newspaper about yet another FDNY’er who died from September 11th toxins. It was 61 year old longtime Bronx firefighter Jospeh O’Toole. I thought to myself, people should know who these heroes were, as people. And I resolved to reach out to their families, to join me on “Sonstein Sunday” to pay tribute to their husbands, wives, sons & daughters. This Sunday at 7:00 am, I am honored to kick off this monthly series with Chris O’Toole, whose husband was affectionately known as “Toolie.”

Jake, Jill & Greg Thistle

Remember when on “The Jim Kerr Rock And Roll Morning Show” a few weeks back, we asked what song or music event changed your life? 14 year old Jake Thistle of Paramus wrote me an email about something that happened to him at age 3! Wait ‘til you hear his story @ 7:15 am.

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