Sonstein Sunday: Backyard Wilderness, After Auschwitz

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:  

Susan Todd, Andrew Young

Emmy winners & Oscar nominees Susan Todd and hubby Andrew Young have made the most extraordinary Earth Day film, “Backyard Wilderness.” It’s all about getting kids to connect with nature right in their backyards. It was filmed in their backyard in Westchester and is screening at museums and science centers all across the U.S.  And it’s short enough to hold the kids’ attention spans. Amazing shots and stories set right in our own backyards. They join me on “Earth Day”...this Sunday at 7:00am on Q104.3.

Jon Kean

At 7:15am director Jon Kean joins me. He presents a Holocaust story that hasn’t been told: What happens to survivors AFTER being liberated from a concentration camp? The documentary “After Auschwitz” focuses on 6 women who made it through the Holocaust horror. They all obviously have PTSD but one woman makes this profound statement: “I refuse to dwell on things that make me miserable”. A good life lesson for us all, don’t you think? You can see it starting today at the AMC Empire on 42nd St. Kean will do a Q&A after the 1:30pm screening this Sunday. 

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