Jim Gets the Munchies on 4/20

All this week we’ve been giving away $420 gift cards thanks to our friends from ‘Super Troopers 2.’ And when we say friends, it’s legit. When Broken Lizard visited a few years ago, off-air Jim was shocked to hear them talk details about his old address. Turns out Steve Lemme and the guys were good friends of Jim’s son back in the day. They would hang out at Jim’s house and play with Legos. That’s one way to break the ice during an interview!

Needless to say, we have a big soft spot for Broken Lizard and in celebration of the long awaited ‘Super Troopers 2’ (in theaters today) we got some very tasty and fun gifts that are perfect for today, 4/20.

I taped the balloons together to make sure you got the point, but I think I need to see the optometrist. Whoops.


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