Take Me To The Movies: Ready Player One

“Ready Player One”

Steven Spielberg directs this 2 hour and 20 minute (toooo long!!!) fantasy movie based on a popular book. Half the action takes place in a video game…half in the real world. I am not enthralled with watching avatars star in a movie, despite some spectacular visuals.

The setting is Ohio in 2045 when all has gone so wrong in the world. Most of the people spend their time in a virtual reality role playing game called Oasis. After the creator of Oasis dies, it’s revealed that he will hand over ownership of Oasis to anyone can solve a nearly impossible quest. Mark Rylance plays the creator and he’s the best thing in the film. You really don’t get to know anyone else well—so you don’t feel emotionally tied to the hero and heroine, played by Ty Sheridan and Olivia Cooke. Simon Pegg plays the co-creator of Oasis.

Most of the movie happens in virtual reality so gamers will probably be more into it. What’s great is the music. Despite being set in 2045, culture stopped in the ‘80s for some reason. So it's most things ‘80s: great music, pop culture references and movie homages. But I like reality better than avatars.

2 stars



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