Sammy Hagar Only Wants Van Halen Reunion If David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony Are Involved

Sammy Hagar says he wouldn’t want to deal with the “anxieties” that would come with a Van Halen reunion – but would consider it if vocalist David Lee Roth and bassist Michael Anthony were involved.

The Red Rocker last year apologized to the band for comments he made about them in the past – and hopes that some sort of reconciliation was on the cards came when Hagar wished guitarist Eddie Van Halen happy birthday last January.

Now Hagar tells Billboard: “Let's put it like this, when it came to my birthday, I didn't get a message, so obviously that camp – him and Alex Van Halen – still have some kind of trip against me.

“I’m certainly not looking to get back in that band when I've got Chickenfoot sitting in my lap and I'm scared to grab the reigns of that one.

“Van Halen would be twice the nightmare of the workload and the anxieties about getting along or being worried about being stabbed in the back again or something. I don't want to put myself in that situation, that's for sure."

But Hagar says that going on tour with the original Van Halen including David Lee Roth and bassist Michael Anthony would be appealing, with both vocalists sharing songs they had recorded with the band.

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