YouTuber Shows How Anyone Can Write A My Chemical Romance Song

Not only did My Chemical Romance fans have to wait six years for a reunion after the band's 2013 breakup, they had to wait three more years for new music from the band, which came this past May with the new single "Foundations of Decay."

Excitement around the single prompted YouTube personality and music educator Trey Xavier to explore the machinations behind MCR's classic sound and challenge himself to compose something right up that same musical alley, without ripping it off.

Not only did Xavier turn out shockingly convincing My Chem track, he also wrote and starred (alongside Rudy Ayoub) in a sketch about how the band was "inspired" to write new music after so much time away.

Check out the original video via the player above!

While the plot of Xavier's original video presents magic as the force behind his My Chemical Romance-inspired song "Back," much of the content on his Gear Gods channel is angled at demystifying the songwriting and music composition processes.

In a subsequent upload, he welcomes viewers into the weeds of music theory and production to break down how he completed "Back," without help from the supernatural.

"I spent a long time researching the music of My Chemical Romance and yoinking all of the stuff that makes them so great, without actually taking any of their musical ideas," Xavier says. "...Every time I do one of these [videos], I fall more in love with the band that I am trying to emulate. So while I did go all the way through the entire catalog of the band, I focused mainly on The Black Parade because that's my personal favorite."

The MCR tribute was the seventh video in his "How (band) Writes A Song" series (prior artists include Slipknot, Metallica, Dream Theater, Jason Richardson, Amaranthe and Ghost). Xavier says the lyrics were actually inspired by his idea for the sketch, about the band feeling pressure to make a comeback.

"I think it sounds pretty authentic," he concludes. "And not only that, what I did to make it catchy, memorable, emotionally powerful, this is all stuff that you can do. None of this is magic or tricks; they're all just like techniques and ideas and things you can try in your songs."

Check out the song breakdown via the player below!

Go here for more information on Trey Xavier's Complete Rock and Metal Songwriting course.

Photos: Getty Images / Gear Gods

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