Learn Guitar In Quarantine With 3 Months Of Free Lessons From Fender Play

If you're staring down the barrel of a month in isolation and want to do something enriching with your time, playing a musical instrument is one of the best ways to engage your brain, exorcise anxiety and boost your immune system.

If you don't already play an instrument but always wanted to, Fender has an offer you can't refuse: 3 months of free guitar lessons through the iconic guitar company's celebrated Fender Play app.

Fender Play is a comprehensive learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. The platform uses instructor-guided videos to help you get started. From there, you choose your adventure and start learning your favorite songs, with everything from classic rock to contemporary pop.

Redeem your code at Fender.com/playthrough, then download the app, sign into your account and get started.

Fender Play is one of several apps for guitarists developed by the company over the past several years.

Last fall, Fender unveiled its impressive Fender Songs app, designed to help guitarists advance beyond the beginner level and increase their repertoire.

Photo: Getty Images

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