LØLØ Recalls Gory Details Of Real-Life Incident That Inspired 'Faceplant'

Lots of artists believe you have to suffer for your work, but in the case of LØLØ's "faceplant," the Canadian singer turned one of the most agonizing moments of her young life into one of her most promising singles thus far.

The head-over-heels affair depicted in the song "Faceplant" is far prettier than the song's brutal real-life catalyst. She recalled the event during a recent visit to Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke.

"I was visiting my family in Toronto; it was freezing. I'm never visiting them in the winter again," Lolo explained. "I was leaving a guy's house and getting into my Uber. I had both of my hands in my pockets 'cause it was so cold — and my mom always tells me, 'Don't walk with your hands in your pockets; you're going to fall, you can't stop your fall' ... I wiped out. I went chin first on the concrete, split my chin open, fractured both sides of my jaw, my nose and my chin. So I get up and I remember the driver said to me, 'Are you coming?' And I just looked down, I just saw black and I heard [ringing in my ears]. I looked down and I'm like, 'Why are my hands wet?' [Blood] is just gushing out of my chin, so I ended up going to the emergency room."

But not via the ride share. Rather than take the car that was waiting, Lolo ambled back to her friend's house, knocked on the door and had him take her to the ER.

"That was I'm sure a very traumatic wake up for him," she added. "So I got to the hospital. They stitched me up and everything. That's when I wrote down on my phone 'faceplant,' as an idea: "I didn't just fall for you, I faceplanted."

It took some time for her to finish the idea. Lolo says she couldn't speak for weeks afterwards and was on an all-liquid diet for about two months.

The incident was re-enacted in far more comical fashion in the music video for "faceplant," which you can see below.

Watch the full conversation via the player above!

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Check out of the official music video for LØLØ's "faceplant" below:

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