Greta Van Fleet Explain New Song Inspired By Josh Kiszka's Jumpsuits

The members of Greta Van Fleet were so young when they first rose to prominence last decade that they are still one of rock's youngest and most intriguing new bands.

The band has gone through multiple eras since first visiting Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke in 2017, but the last few years also included the band's first ever break from the road.

"We got straight out of school and hit the road and then we just toured and toured," recalls bassist Sam Kiszka. "For the little bits of time we weren't on the road, we were in the studio, so we would rent a house for a month and kind of hub out there. But then the pandemic started setting in an we needed a place to actually live."

The band members took up residence in Nashville and were finally afforded a chance to reflect upon their young career. With that reflection eventually came new music, and the band's third album, Starcatcher, arrived last month and promptly vaulted into Billboard's top 10 albums.

When prodded about the song "Sacred the Thread," Sam and guitarist Jacob Kiszka joked that the track was about their brother Josh's predilection for wearing jumpsuits onstage.

"But really I think the literal meaning behind the whole thing is creating yourself as we go out onstage, specifically for us, you have to change when you go out on a stage," he explained.

Jacob added: "Not become a different person but a personification of yourself."

"It's like, 'Who are you in all these different scenarios?' 'What are you when you want to do something great or you're preparing to do something important?'" Sam continued.

Watch the full conversation via the player above!

Greta Van Fleet kick of their U.S. tour this week! Go here for tour dates and more information!

Watch the official music video for "Meeting the Master" here:

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