Half Moon Run's Devon Portielje On The Song That Took 10 Years To Finish

Songwriters often say that the songs that come about quickly are the ones that keep them going, but the songs that take a while are the ones that keep the lights on.

For Montréal, Canada's Half Moon Run, lots of song ideas have come and gone over the past decade, but one of the singles from their latest record, "Alco," took a full decade to finish, according to singer Devon Portielje tells Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke.

"Like many young people, I didn't want to bring a full-sized guitar, so I brought a ukulele on a trip [to Thailand], and I went to a place that had very little going on, no party, just kind of in the jungle," Devon recalls. "I wanted some stimulus, so I just played ukulele all day and, yeah, I came back with this riff. And we chipped away at it for like 10 years and it finally realized into something."

Check out the full Q104.3 conversation via the player above!

Half Moon Run's summer tour starts July 1. Get all the tour dates here!

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Check out the official music video for "Alco" below:

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