White Reaper Scrapped An Entire New Album Before Making 'Asking For A Ride'

Like many of their peers, White Reaper spent a great deal of time during the pandemic closures writing new material. But when the Louisville, Kentucky-based rockers first tried recording those songs, something wasn't working.

So they tried again.

"We had a batch of songs that we took a lot of time over COVID, writing together over Zoom," recalls guitarist Hunter Thompson. "You know, Tony [Esposito, guitars/vocals] would come up with ideas, we'd work on them. We maybe over-touched them to a point and had never really played them together fully, took them to Seattle, recorded the there, and it just didn't feel right."

The band was disappointed but undeterred. White Reaper decided to go back to the drawing board, write some fresh songs and try recording again at a different location.

"Brought [the new] songs to the band, practiced them for like a week, took them to the studio and it just kind of had a little bit more excitement and energy," Thompson continued. "It was a little bit more in our control. ...We did it with out friend Jeremy Ferguson [engineer] who has a studio called Battle Tapes in Nashville. It was really fun and I think gave us a new lease on the band to have that freedom."

Check out the full conversation via the player above!

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Check out the official music video for "Fog Machine" here:

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