Dorothy On The Complications Of Hearing Fans Sing Back To Her Live

Dorothy Martin missed the chaos and passion of her live shows during the pandemic as much as anybody, but she says getting back into the groove of performing every night took an extra bit of concentration.

Speaking with Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke, Dorothy says her band's recent shows have been among the most emotional ever.

"It's been great. Fans are in tears, which makes me cry and messes up my makeup, but that's okay," she says. "They're so happy."

More than ever, Dorothy fans are singing her lyrics back to her during shows. The frontwoman says it's such a huge compliment that she has to be careful not to get too caught up in it.

"I have my [in-ear monitors] in, and actually [fans are usually] off-key, so it throws me off," she admits. "So I try not to listen (laughs). ... It's awesome. No, I can see their mouths moving."

Dorothy's third studio album, Gifts From the Holy Ghost, arrived last spring. The new LP explores a darker, more soulful side of her band's rootsy blues-rock sound. The title track was inspired by what she describes as a real-life "miracle" she and her band experienced while touring their last album.

Check out the full conversation via the player above!

Go here for more information on Gifts From the Holy Ghost and where to follow Dorothy on social media and on tour!

Watch Dorothy's official music video for "A Beautiful Life" here:

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