Greta Van Fleet Did Not Expect New Album To Be 'Well-Received'

For all their success, Greta Van Fleet remains a band growing into its potential and uncertain of what's next in its music or its career.

Band members Sam and Josh Kiszka tell Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke that the band had been developing the more progressive elements of the new album, The Battle At Garden's Gate, for several years.

"That's kind of what we set out to do was kind of make an album we've wanted to make for a long time," Josh said. "We didn't think that it would be particularly well-received. ...There's this ongoing narrative that we've built with fans and music lovers, and they think they kind of know what Greta Van Fleet is or who we are, where we're coming from. We thought this is an appropriate time to be able to build and put this album out. I think it's a bit more progressive than the previous work, although I do view it as kind of an extension of Anthem of the Peaceful Army, maybe a little more macro or a different variation or geography or something."

Despite any misgivings about how critics might respond, Sam added that the new albums feels like a "natural evolution of what Greta Van Fleet is."

The brothers are eagerly awaiting the return of live shows, teasing an elaborate stage production. But to reproduce the complexity in the arrangements on The Battle at Garden's Gate, Josh says the band has no plans yet to bring along additional live personnel yet.

"We're not opposed or averse to people coming out and maybe doing a couple tracks with us or something, but I think we covet the ability to make all of that music just between the four of us, and of course with this record, we're using every limb to play it," he added.

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The Battle at Garden's Gate is available now here.

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